Weeks Update

Past few weeks had some productivity with graphic design. The freelance opportunity finally showed up!

The briefing described an Ecology Lab with the necessity to insert visual identity to its brand, in order to attain better recognition, but mainly focusing on a visual symbol. In the lab, they have research in bromeliads, insects and small mammals. They also work as a “idea incubator”, once students can go in an show their projects and discuss ecology.

I went for something more organic, trying not to get away from a more simple shape– i would not want to lose the “serious aspect” from a Research Laboratory as well.

After doing some studies (LabEco simbolos1 ) and presenting them to the client, i suggested they did a voting, so all students and faculty members could have the chance to analyze. Finally, the page chosen ( LabEco simbolos5 ) had two options, and they went for the first one, with some minor changes in edges and shapes.

This is the conclusion we have reached:

Labeco Simbolo 5 (principal)



About me

My name is Joao Gabriel Cavalcanti and i am an artist. Coming from Brazil, i had a background in Design and some works with tattooing. Here i am showing creative process and results of Digital Imaging assignments given throughout Spring 2016 semester.